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The description of Karrion Killer

Are you ready for an exciting fight against monsters in Karrion Killer? On Halloween night, you must use your death scythe to eliminate monsters.

The battle with monsters

If you want to find exciting action games like Wounded Summer Baby Edition, this game is a perfect choice. This game has not only a Halloween theme but also an engaging gameplay. In this game, you will play as a Death God. On Halloween night, many monsters appear and hurt innocent people. This will overturn the world's order, so you must eliminate these monsters now. You must throw your death scythe at your enemies to defeat them. Be careful because your rivals are also really strong. Some monsters can run toward you at a fast speed while the other ones can shoot bullets at you. Note that you can use your death scythe to destroy the bullets of your enemies. You need to defeat as many rivals as possible to gain the highest score and survive as long as you can. During the fight, you should not forget to pay attention to your health statistics. If your health statistic reaches zero, you will die.

How to control

Use a Z key to start the game or attack your enemies.

Use the arrow key to guide the character to move around the room.

Use an X key to throw the death scythe to murder the enemies.

Press the spacebar to return to the main menu.

All characters in Karrion Killer

One interesting thing about this game is its collection of characters. This is fairly identical to Shell Shockers Bad Egg. They are Superior Meatus, Unholy Knight, Swamp Ass, Sweet Home, Vampire Killer, Shark Attack, and so on. These characters will be unlocked during the fight. If you want to unlock all characters in this game, you must try to survive as long as possible. In general, these characters have the same powers and weapons, but their appearances are different. Which character do you like in this action game?