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Interesting things about Do Not Open

Try out Do Not Open which is a frightening horror game developed by Nox Noctis. Find a way to escape from the house of Aunt Judith without being murdered.

A horror story about the game

This game is about Michael Goreng who is a zoologist. One day, his Aunt Judith suicided. However, he does not believe this result. He is sure that there is a secret behind her death. Therefore, he comes to her home to find some clues about her death. Unfortunately, he is knocked unconscious by someone. After waking up, he finds that he is in a grimy basement in his aunt's house. It seems that a scary being in the shadow is stalking him. Now, he has to find a way to escape his horrific rendition to meet his wife and daughter again.

Your scary adventure

When joining this game, you will transform into Michael Goreng. You must run around the house to find the exit door and leave your aunt Judith as soon as possible. Note that all the doors in the house are locked. Therefore, you must find the keys first if you want to unlock any door. After opening the door, you will enter a manor in which you must solve at least two puzzles to get the keys to other doors. These puzzles are fairly challenging, so you must think carefully and logically to solve them. Do not forget to take note of clues to solve puzzles faster.

Sometimes, the monster will appear and want to kill you. Therefore, you need to hide in the secret place in the house to avoid being assassinated by the monster. Because the monster moves slowly and usually emerges in the same area, you can easily evade it. Try to survive until you find the exit door and escape from this haunted house. Besides, if you enjoy horror games, I would like to introduce Burger & Frights.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to run around the room.

Use a Q key to enter the room.

Use the mouse to control the camera to look around the playing field.