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Plants vs Zombies

The fight in Plants vs Zombies

Brace yourself for thrilling battles in Plants vs Zombies now. Collect as many suns as possible and use them to grow powerful plants that can defeat zombies.

Grow different plants

The setting of this game is the zombie apocalypse. To survive and protect your house, you must grow many types of plants in front of your house. These plants are able to fight against zombies who want to approach your house. Here is the list of plants you can consider.

  • Sunflower: At the start of the game, you should grow at least one sunflower because this flower is able to produce many suns. These suns can be used to purchase new plants.
  • Peashooter: This is one of the cheapest fighting plants in this game. Therefore, you should grow it first to battle with zombies. This plant is able to shoot many peas to murder oncoming zombies.
  • Cherry Bomb: This plant can explode when any zombie approaches it. After it explodes, it will be removed from the garden.
  • Wall-nut: You can grow a defense wall of wall-nuts.
  • Chomper: This plant has a large mouth, so it is able to eat all nearby zombies.
  • Hypno-shroom: If the zombies eat this mushroom, they will turn around and fight against other zombies.
  • Ice-shroom: This mushroom is able to freeze the zombies, which helps to slow down the speed of zombies.
  • Magnet-shroom: Some zombies are equipped with metal shields that protect them from the attacks of plants. Therefore, you should grow this magnet-shroom which is able to remove helmets and metal shields of the zombies.
  • Garlic: You should grow garlic to divert zombies into other lanes.

Battle with zombies

The zombies will come constantly, so you should be careful. Don't let any lane in the garden be empty. Your objective is to eliminate all zombies to save your house. If all zombies are eliminated, you can move to the next level. Note that the map will change when you step into higher levels. Moreover, the number of zombies will also increase. When encountering more zombies, you should come up with strategies to make sure that you are the winner. After winning the battles in this game, you should play Rainbow Friends to explore more thrilling things.

How to control: Use the mouse button to play this game.

Playable mini-games in Plants vs Zombies

Besides exciting fights against zombies, this game also offers many interesting mini-games. There are a total of 15 mini-games in this game. You can choose one of these mini-games to have fun. Now, I want to suggest some funny mini-games.

  • Nut Bowling: In this mini-game, you are also required to battle with zombies. However, at this time, you have only wall-nuts. You must place wall-nuts in front of the red line and then they will roll toward the zombies. After getting hit by wall-nuts, the zombies will be eliminated.
  • Stargazing: The battle in this mini-game requires you to grow as many stars as possible. These stars will shoot many mini-stars while being eaten by the zombies. The mini-stars will eliminate all nearby zombies.
  • Eat By The Sky: When joining the fight in this mini-game, you are not allowed to grow the sunflower. Instead, you can collect the sun's dropping from the sky.
  • Air Raid: In this mini-game, you must encounter the zombies that are able to fly.
  • Three-way Defense: The garden in this mini-game has only three lanes.