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Burger Restaurant Express

The gameplay of Burger Restaurant Express

Burger Restaurant Express is an exciting cooking game in which you must manage a fast-food restaurant. Make yummy food and tasty drinks to earn money.

In this game, you will manage a fast-food restaurant that sells many types of food and drinks. Specifically, your restaurant will sell hamburgers, ice cream, fried potatoes, and drinks. Whenever a customer comes and orders food or drink, you must immediately make them. Note that you must serve the food as fast as possible if you want to get 5 stars from your customer. The more stars you can get, the more money you can earn. If you let your customer wait too long, the number of stars will decrease. Don't forget to collect your customer's payment and welcome another customer. The number of customers will increase, which requires your quick reflexes and fingers. However, this is also a chance for the thief who pretends to be a normal customer. When you are too busy, the thief will steal your money. Before the thief does that, you should tap on him to stop him and protect your money. You will have to work constantly until the day ends.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play.

All levels in Burger Restaurant Express

Like Duck Hunt, this game also requires you to beat many levels. You must go through a total of 26 levels. At each level, you are requested to reach the target budget. If you do not meet the objective, you must restart this level. Moreover, the target budget will rise as you progress. Therefore, you must work hard to earn the required amount of money and win this level. Furthermore, whenever you move to a higher level, a new ingredient will be unlocked. It means that you must make more food and drinks. This challenges your cooking skills and memory.