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Play Vectaria

Welcome to Vectaria which is the best choice for players of all skills. Learn to survive in the wilderness or join breathtaking shooting battles in this game.

Choose between the game modes

Like Rainbow Friends, this game also features many game modes with different playing rules. Each game mode provides a distinct playing experience.

  • Peaceful: This mode offers an endless world. When entering this world, you must run around to collect blocks and resources first. Then, you can use these blocks to construct buildings and use resources to craft tools. The weather and times in this game mode are simulated based on reality. This will bring you the most realistic playing experience when you try to survive in this endless world.
  • Survival: This game mode will take you to an arena in which you must encounter many shooters. First, you should visit the shop to purchase your suitable weapon. Then, you must use this weapon to attack other players in the arena until they die. Note that you also need to be careful with their attacks and try to stay safe at all times. If you are eliminated, you can revive after 5 seconds. However, you will respawn in a new map.
  • Creative: When playing this game mode, you are provided with an unlimited number of blocks. You can use these blocks to construct beautiful buildings. This work requires your creativity and patience.

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Tap the WASD or arrow keys to run around the area to explore.

Tap the right mouse button to create blocks to build houses.

Tap the left mouse button to mine resources or battle with rivals.

Press the Spacebar to jump over the obstacles.

Tap an X or U key to open your inventory containing your items.

Tap the G key to open the home menu.

Tap an M key to view spawn points.

Tap an O key to enter the shop.

Tap an I key to open the tutorial for playing this game.

Tap the Enter key to start chatting with other players on the same server.

The stores in Vectaria

There are two types of stores in this game. The first one is the skin store. When coming to the skin store, you can purchase new skins, glasses, hats, boots, hairstyles, hands, legs, and so on. You should purchase your favorite items and use them to customize your character. This is a chance to make your character become unique. The second store is the item store. In this store, you can completely purchase new tools, weapons, blocks, and letters. They are necessary because you can use them to battle with other players or build houses.