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General information about Fancy Pants 2

Welcome to Fancy Pants 2 which is the second installment of the Fancy Pants series. Let's chase after an Angry Rabbit who stole your Ice Cream Cone.

The second adventure

The game starts with an adventure in which you must hit the shell into the hole. After the shell falls into the hole, you will be rewarded with the Ice Cream Cone by the Mayor. However, while you are celebrating your win, an Angry Rabbit appears and steals your Ice Cream Cone. You must chase after this rabbit now to get your reward back. You will go through many places such as caves, deserts, grassy areas, and jungles to find the rabbit. You should watch out for dangers like spiders and rats who will actively attack you. You can jump on their heads to eliminate the spiders and rats. Moreover, along the way, you should collect squiggles to gain a life. Do your best to reach the portal which will take you to the next place of the higher level.

Complete different levels

This interesting game features a total of 6 levels and each level features a distinct game map. Level 1 and level 5 take place in the cave while level 3 requires you to travel to a grassy area. In level 3, you will start your journey in the desert. In the final level, your adventure will take place in the jungle where you will encounter the Angry Rabbit. You must fight against it to get your Ice Cream Cone back. You can utilize the Ice Cream Cone to make the rabbit faint and then kick the rabbit to eliminate it. After completing your adventure in this game, you are invited to join another one in Rainbow Friends.

How to control

Press an up arrow key to enter the door.

Press an S key to start the game and guide the boy to jump.

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide the boy to move to the left or right.

Press a down arrow key to guide the boy to sit down.

Press the spacebar to pause the game.

Unique features of Fancy Pants 2

Unlike the first version, this new edition features more interesting features that can impress you on the first try.

New trophies

You can see a new list of trophies in this game. They are Happy Little Bee, Prowlie, The Swain, Happy Luis, Ninja Pick, and Cold NegativeOne. They are hidden in a secret room on each level. You must find the door to enter this secret room and get the trophy. After finding the trophy, you can move to the next level. Do your best to complete your adventure and get all the trophies.

Exploring secret rooms

Each level in this game has a secret room and each room has a distinct theme.

  • Level 1: The secret room on this level looks like a bee hive which is full of green and normal squiggles. You must find the queen bee to get the trophy called Happy Little Bee.
  • Level 2: When entering the secret room of this level, you will explore a jungle at night. Try to find the trophy Prowlie in this secret room.
  • Level 3: The secret room on this level is at the top of the buildings. Jump over the buildings to reach the flying car. At this time, you can get the trophy called The Swain.
  • Level 4: The secret room in the fourth level is LuLu's room. You must find the trophy called Happy Luis in this secret room.
  • Level 5: To get the trophy called Ninja Pick, you should enter the secret room on the fifth level. This is a mansion in which you must jump over multiple spikes.
  • Level 6: The final secret room is a dark area. You need to find a way to get the trophy called Cold NegativeOne in this secret room.