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Rainbow Friends

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Rainbow Friends is a threatening horror game featuring many chapters and tasks. The game challenges you to search for required items in the factory.

General information

On November 14, 2021, two gaming developers named Roy and Charles released this horror game with the aim of attracting many players in the gaming community. Then, they were successful because this game became a sudden surge in popularity in 2021. There were up to 2.4 billion players from all over the world captivated by this game. Initially, this game was published on the Roblox platform. However, the game became popular on many gaming platforms. Now, it is available on the web browser. You can completely use your keyboard or gaming controller to play it.

All chapters

When playing this game, you have a chance to discover two chapters. Each chapter has a distinct story and series of missions.

  • Chapter 1: The first chapter is about the adventure of a group of people. They visit an amusement park called Odd World to have fun on the weekend. Along the way, they see a directional sign. They do not know that this directional sign flips. Therefore, they follow the direction that was displayed on this directional sign. As a result, they veer off the path and crash. Then, they are kidnapped by monsters and taken to a strange facility. This facility hides many monsters. These monsters will be more active at night. To avoid being caught by these monsters, the players must harvest the required items. The first chapter requires you to survive for five nights at this facility. If you can do that, you will be able to return to the safe room.
  • Chapter 2: After being teleported to the safe room in the first chapter, you can take a rest for a while. Then, you will enter a new challenge. In the second chapter, the technician wants to destroy the park by throwing bombs into it. To break his evil plan, you are required to gather all necessary items. After that, you must try to escape from Cyan. At the end of the chapter, you will see Blue sleeping in his chair.

Besides, many players wonder whether there is another chapter in this game. The answer is yes. The developer is developing and will release Rainbow Friends Chapter 3 in the future. In the third chapter, you will have a chance to explore a new story and participate in more exciting adventures.

The first-person perspective of the game

One special thing about this game is the first-person perspective. It allows you to connect emotionally with the characters and the game's narrative. You can experience the character's journey firsthand. It is possible to say that this type of perspective offers an immersive and personal experience. It allows you to fully embody your character, explore the enchanting world, and engage in thrilling gameplay. From the breathtaking visuals to the intense combat encounters and the sense of camaraderie in multiplayer mode, the first-person perspective immersed you in a fantastical world of adventure, friendship, and triumph.

Dominant characters in Rainbow Friends

The game is not as simple as it sounds. In this game, you have to not only gather necessary items but also escape from dangerous monsters. There are a total of 8 characters who are Cyan, Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, and The Technician. Here is the list of dominant characters that you should watch for.


The first monster that I want to mention is Cyan who appears in Rainbow Friends Chapter 2. This is a female monster that looks like Dipocaulus. It has a long tail and no arm. Cyan wanders around to look for you. When you hear a loud stomping sound, it means that she is coming. When it sees you, it will start to run fast to chase you. If you want to dodge this monster, you need to find a box and hide inside it. You should stay in the box until this monster goes away. When the monster is still standing near you hiding in the box, you should not move or make any noise.


This character looks like a pterosaur that is able to fly. It has two eyes and long arms like wings. Like Blue, Yellow also tries to search for you. However, when you get caught, he will carry you up and then throw you on the ground. Next, this monster will snatch you in his feet and fly up. He wants to take you to his nest and kill you. At this time, you are advised to find a chance to jump out of his claws and hide in a safe place. Keep in mind that the Ferris wheel is not a safe place. You can die when jumping into it. Yellow will not continue to chase you when you escape successfully. Instead, it will start to wander around to find you.


This character is known as the first monster who attacks you in the game. As its name suggests, its skin is blue. Note that Blue is very sensitive to noise. If you pop balloons, this will make some noises and attract the notice of this monster. You can easily realize his emergence by hearing his footsteps and distinct chuckling. To dodge this monster, you just need to hide in the box. You should pay attention to the red exclamation point when hiding in the box. If it appears, it means that Blue spots you. You should get out of the box and run away. Besides, if you get caught before hiding, I advise you to run as fast as possible to escape from him. Don't worry too much because the running speed of this monster is slower than you. When you are out of his sight, Blue will stop chasing and go away.


The second monster you encounter in this game is Green who has long hands and one eye. Because it has one eye, it does not actively chase. It only moves in the designated routes on the map. Moreover, making noises does not catch the attention of Green. When you hear a squeaking sound or a confetti sound, it means that this monster is nearby. At this time, you should hide in any room. However, if it enters this room, you had better leave it and come into another room. Keep in mind that if you encounter Blue and Green at the same time, I advise you to hide inside a cabinet or run away. Another way is to crouch into a cubby on the wall. Furthermore, do not try to approach Green or go under his raised arm. He can drop his arm, which puts you in danger.


The final character is Purple who has super long arms and glowing eyes. When hearing his footsteps, you should run in his opposite direction. If this monster spots you, you need to hop onto a rock to avoid getting caught. Remember that the objective of Purple is only to jump-care you. Therefore, don't worry too much when you get caught. Additionally, hiding in the box cannot fool him. Instead, you can crouch and move around the lair to dodge the notice of Purple. If you encounter this monster in the vent, stay away from water to evade his jumpscares.

Rainbow Friends Chapter 2

Addictive gameplay

The first and second rounds

The second chapter begins with you encountering an old man in a forest. You are required to find light bulbs for an SOS light in the theme park. You must collect 25 light bulbs while avoiding Blue's sight and Green's path. The presence of Purple adds an additional challenge, as you must steer clear of its lair. Upon successfully inserting all the light bulbs, the old man commends you but realizes his mistake after spotting Blue. In the second round, you must collect gas canisters while evading Yellow, who captures and kills players. They can escape Yellow by jumping into the river or bouncing on a castle. A cutscene reveals the drill being used on a door, releasing Lookies. The old man appears on the Green Drop Tower, and players must collect Lookies to ensure his safety.

The third and fourth rounds

In the third round, you must gather 10 Lookies and place them in a pen within a time limit. The urgency of the task tests your reflex. After successfully completing the objective, the old man is safely lowered from the tower. He reveals an escape route through the Orange Roller Coaster but requires you to move a giant blue Lookie blocking the path by offering it a cake. The fourth round introduces the challenge of collecting sugar packs while avoiding Cyan, who can sense movement and give chase. Once the sugar packs are collected, you assemble the ingredients for the cake. The giant Lookie consumes the cake, allowing players to proceed along the coaster's path. The gameplay intensifies as you enter the Crystal Caverns and hop into minecarts. You must learn to lean your body based on signs indicating the cart's movements.

During the minecart ride, you encounter Cyan, who must be avoided by imitating the cart's leaning. The cart takes various paths, such as Hemlock Woods, the Garden, and an "Employees Only" area, each requiring specific leaning maneuvers to survive. Finally, you reach the exit but must crawl under broken bars to escape Cyan's pursuit.

How to control

Press the arrow key to guide the character to move around the area.

Press the spacebar to jump.

Use the mouse to control the camera to look around.

Pro tips to survive in Rainbow Friends

Many players have considered this game to be a challenging horror game. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you should come up with some strategies to win the game. Here is a collection of effective tips and strategies that can help you enhance your gameplay, overcome challenges, and achieve success

Be Observant

The first strategy is to pay attention to your surroundings and be observant of environmental cues, enemy patterns, and hidden objects. Because this game often presents subtle hints and clues that can assist you in solving puzzles or finding collectibles, you can pay attention to these clues. In particular, when roaming around to find objects, you should observe the surrounding environment to avoid getting lost. Being observant and attentive to details will give you an edge and open up new opportunities for success.

Adapt and Learn from Mistakes

Additionally, this game can present challenging and unpredictable situations. Therefore, I think you should embrace the learning process and be willing to adapt your strategies when faced with obstacles or setbacks. When you lose, don't give up. Instead, learn from your mistakes, analyze what went wrong, and adjust your approach accordingly. Persistence, adaptability, and a growth mindset are keys to improving your gameplay and ultimately achieving victory.

Understand Each Character

The third tactic I want to suggest is to learn about the features of the monsters in this game before starting your adventure. One of the key elements in this game is the diverse range of characters, each with unique abilities and traits. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the strengths and weaknesses of each character. For example, the strength of Yellow is to fly and his weakness is his weak claws. Or the weakness of Green is his blindness, so you can easily evade it. Or the strength of Blue is his noise sensitivity, so moving quietly is an effective way to evade this monster. This knowledge will allow you to make optimal decisions and utilize your abilities effectively during gameplay, whether it's solving puzzles, navigating obstacles, or engaging in combat.

In conclusion

Rainbow Friends is a captivating video game that offers you an immersive and exhilarating experience. Through its vibrant visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics, and compelling storyline, the game creates a world filled with adventure, friendship, and exciting challenges. This game's emphasis on cooperation, teamwork, and problem-solving fosters a sense of camaraderie among players, further enhancing the overall experience. As you embark on this colorful journey, you are not only entertained but also inspired by the game's positive messages of friendship, resilience, and the power of unity. This game stands as a shining example of how video games can provide immersive storytelling and engaging gameplay that resonate with players of all ages.