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General information about One More Dash

One More Dash will challenge your quick reflexes and fingers. Control the ball to dash from one circle to another one and collect many balls.

After the success of two versions of the One More series, SMG Studio decided to release this third edition. In general, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to two installments which are One More Line and One More Bounce. However, it still has distinct and interesting features attracting many players from all over the world. If you want to test your quick reflex and fingers, you can play this game. It is suitable for players of all ages. Moreover, like Plants Vs Zombies, this game also is playable on both PC and mobile devices, which makes this game more popular. No one can ignore it because of its addictive gameplay and impressive visuals.

The gameplay of One More Dash

Complete missions

In this game, you will see many circles are connected with each other. They rotate constantly. Moreover, there are many obstacles in these circles. Your mission is to control the ball in the center of the circle to dash from one circle to another. The ball must not crash into obstacles if you do not want to lose soon. Furthermore, do not let the ball stay in the center of a circle too long. It will automatically explode if it does not move. Therefore, you should be quick to move it to another circle. You must help the ball go through as many circles as possible to gain the highest possible score. In addition, when you see other balls on the circles, you need to pick up them. This game has up to 2000 missions. Whenever you restart the game, you will receive a new mission such as gaining a certain score, dodging walls, or collecting a certain number of balls. If you can complete them, you will get many balls.

Unlock new themes

The balls you collect will be used to purchase the new theme. When you visit the in-game theme store, you can see 21 locked themes. The first six themes are sold at a price of 5 balls while the rest ones have a price of 100 balls. You can purchase your favorite theme in this store to make your playing experience more interesting.

How to control:

PC: Click the left mouse button to move the ball.

MOBILE: Tap the screen to move the ball.