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Burger & Frights

Burger & Frights is a frightening horror game in which you are required to ride as fast as possible to come back home. Watch out for monsters in the tunnel.

The plot of Burger & Frights

Inspiring from games such as Rides with Strangers or Rainbow Friends, Donitz developed this game in 2021. It has not only a horror theme but also an interesting story. This game is about a man who wants to head home at night. He rides his bike to go through a dark road. However, one strange thing happens. After reaching a certain distance, the man reappears at the starting point. Moreover, when going through the tunnel, he encounters monsters who try to kill him. It seems that someone is trying to assassinate him. You should play this game now to explore the secrets behind it.

The gameplay of Burger & Frights

This game will task you to become the man who rides his bike to return to his home. Because it is dark, your vision will be limited. You must look carefully and control the bike skillfully to make sure that you will not fall off the road. Moreover, after reaching the designated point, you will reappear at the starting point and start your adventure again. Note that you must restart your journey six times. Each time, you will encounter a distinct thing.

All circles

  • The first circle: In the first circle, you will meet nothing. However, after reaching the train rail, the game will be reset. Then, y
  • The second circle: In the second circle, you are required to drive in the same way. However, at this time, you will meet an old man driving a car after reaching a scarecrow. Next, you will see a broken bike on the road. There are blood trails on this bike and you can hear a small female laugh.
  • The third circle: In the third circle, you will go through the same road and encounter the same things. However, at this time, the old man smashes his head against the wheel of the car. Furthermore, the blood trails on the bike look clearer. When reaching the train rail, you must stop because the train with bloody windows is passing by. When you turn around, a ghost woman appears and chases you. You must ride as fast as possible to escape from this ghost.
  • The fourth circle: In the fourth circle, you can see the hamburger logo of the store has a little blood. You must ride the bike to head home. However, at this time, the broken bike disappeared. You still encounter the car, but the driver in this car completely dies. Moreover, when entering the tunnel, this car reappears. However, it becomes a killing machine that attempts to attack you. You must try to escape from it as soon as possible.
  • The fifth circle: In the fifth circle, you still have to follow the same road to return to your home. You will not encounter the car or the broken bike anymore. However, when you go through the tunnel, a gigantic creature emerges and chases you. You must try to hit this monster to avoid being killed.
  • The sixth circle: In the final circle, you will meet the woman's spirit again. She will catch you. However, the Death God appears and consumes her. Because you do not belong to the realm of death, you are free. At the end of the game, you wake up and everything is told clearly. The Death God is the man who drives the car. Meanwhile, the woman's spirit is the bicycler.

How to control

Use the mouse to control the camera view to look around the area.

Press an A or D key to drive to the left or right.

Press a W key to raise your riding speed.

Press a S key to stop