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Shell Shockers Bad Egg

The battle between Shell Shockers Bad Egg

Brace yourself with a thrilling fight between an egg and chickens in Shell Shockers Bad Egg. Eliminate as many chickens as possible and collect gold eggs.

Fight against chicken

Like Vectaria, this game also allows you to immerse yourself in the fight between an egg gunner and an army of chickens. You will play as the egg. Your mission is to run around while battling with the enemies. Whenever a chicken is eliminated, a gold egg will be dropped. You must collect as many gold eggs as possible to level up. Whenever you level up, you are allowed to choose one upgrade. Because more powerful enemies will gradually appear, you must use the upgrades wisely to defeat as many chickens as possible. Moreover, after 6 minutes, the giant chicken will appear and chase you. This boss can kill you with one kick. Moreover, it is hard to kill the boss. Therefore, you must run as fast as possible to escape and wait for the boss to disappear.

How to control: Press the arrow keys to control the egg to run around.

All upgrades

Whenever you level up, you are offered three upgrades. However, you have to choose one of them and then continue the fight. Here is the list of upgrades in this game.

  • Armor Piercing: Fire the arrows at enemies.
  • EggFu White Belt: Punch at enemies.
  • Overloader: 5% chance to load the bullet.
  • 44 Eggnum: Only 6 shots of pure stopping power.
  • Cyo Bullets: Freezing bullets to freeze the enemies
  • Knife: Throw knives at rivals.
  • Speedy: Run 10% faster.
  • Itchy Fingers: Reload 20% faster.
  • Pistol 2: Increase 2 bullets before reloading.
  • Hiker: Fast travel over rough terrain.
  • Eggsaw: Protect from attack.
  • Critical Hit: 2% change to deal X5 damage.
  • Telekinetic: Pull loot using the power of your mind.

All characters in Shell Shockers Bad Egg

This game offers four characters. Only one character is available for gameplay while the other ones are locked. Here are some tips to unlock all the characters in this game.

  • Crash: This character holds a shotgun. If you want to unlock him, you must unlock at least 3 power-ups.
  • Pablo: This character can be unlocked by eliminating 100 Roosters.
  • Ice King: If you want to unlock this character, you must eliminate 1000 rivals with cryo bullets.