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The tutorial for playing Zombie Tsunami

Become a zombie and start your exciting adventure in Zombie Tsunami now. Try to make other people infected and lead your squad of zombies to evade dangers.

Developed by Mobigame in 2012, this game has become famous because of its new and captivating gameplay. It is considered to be a unique twist on the zombie genre. Play the game to explore its interesting things now.

Infect innocent people

At the start of the game, you transform into a zombie who starts the adventure alone. You will go through many streets and encounter many innocent people. All of them ask for help. You should approach them and infect them. After these people are infected, they will become zombies and follow you. Your mission is to build a big squad of zombies and lead them to go as far as possible. Note that some people get stuck in the car or bus. If you want to free them, you need to have a required number of zombies. If you do not have enough zombies, you had better give up saving these people. Just jump over this car or bus and continue your journey.

Evade hazards and collect coins

During the adventure, you will encounter many obstacles that will hurt you. They are bombs, cars, buses, garbage bins, leaps, airplanes, and so on. You should be careful and try not to touch any obstacles. Click the left mouse in time to guide the zombies to jump over it. In addition, collecting coins is also an important mission while you play this game. These coins can be used to purchase new hats and power-ups in the shop. Keep in mind that you should prioritize purchasing the power-ups because they will assist you in going the furthest distance and getting the highest possible score in this endless running game. Here are some dominant power-ups you should consider.

  • X2 Multiplier: After buying this power-up, your score in the next adventure will be doubled.
  • Magnet: The zombie will hold the magnet to collect all nearby coins.
  • X2 Coins: This power-up can be used to double the number of coins you collect.

How to control:


Click the left mouse button to control the zombie to jump.


Tap the screen to control the zombie to jump.

Zombie Tsunami Online

If you want to play this game on the web browser, Zombie Tsunami Online is the best choice. Let's join an endless thrilling adventure with a horde of zombies. Like Rainbow Friends, this online version is also playable on both PC and mobile devices. In this online version, the shop will sell bonuses such as UFO, skull, and carnivorous flowers. These bonuses will help you win the game more easily, but they are super expensive. If you want to buy them, you should accumulate as many coins as possible.