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Funny Cubes 2048

The principles of Funny Cubes 2048

Funny Cubes 2048 is a great puzzle game with colorful graphics. Drop the cubes and merge two identical cubes to create a new one with a higher number.

Combine cubes

The cubes at the top of the screen will move from left to right and vice versa. You must click the left mouse button to make them fall into the bottom of the playing field. Note that you should arrange them to make sure that two identical cubes hit each other. After two cubes of the same number hit each other, a new cube will be created. The number on the new cube will be a total of two numbers on these two cubes. Your objective is to create a cube with the highest number. Think carefully before dropping the cubes. Why? The reason is that the game is over if any cube reaches the top of the screen. There is no time limit in this game, so feel free to play this game.

Use power-ups

This game offers three power-ups which help you combine more cubes. These power-ups are created after a cube with a higher number is created.

  • Rope: You can use this rope to fix the position of the cube. After a cube is tied by the rope, it cannot move.
  • Bomb: You can use the bomb to explode the cubes in the playing field. Although the cubes will not be destroyed, their positions will change.
  • Hammer: This hammer can be used to destroy any cube in the playing field.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to drop the cubes.

Effective strategies to win Funny Cubes 2048

Like Plants Vs Zombies, this game also requires tactics if you want to get a high score in it.

  • Start in a corner: Choose a corner, preferably the one with the highest cube, and focus your moves in that direction. This strategy helps create a chain of high-value cubes in one row or column, making it easier to merge them later.
  • Build vertically and horizontally: Try to build your cubes both vertically and horizontally to avoid getting trapped with limited moves. This allows you to have more options for merging cubes and prevents creating isolated clusters.
  • Plan your moves ahead: Before making a move, take a moment to analyze the board and plan your next few moves. Look for potential mergers, create empty spaces, and consider the consequences of each move. Thinking ahead and having a strategy will greatly improve your chances of success.
  • Keep the highest cube in a corner: As you progress, try to keep your highest cube in a corner. This prevents accidentally merging it with smaller cubes and gives you more space to maneuver and build larger cubes.
  • Focus on merging larger cubes: Prioritize merging larger cubes whenever possible. Combining two smaller cubes may create a larger cube, but it also reduces your available moves. By combining larger cubes, you create more space on the board and increase your chances of reaching the 2048 cube or even higher.