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All game modes in Suika Game

Suika Game is an interesting merge game featuring many game modes. This game requires you to combine two identical fruits and try to gain the highest score.

Watermelon Mode

Like Vectaria, this game also features many game modes. The first mode in this game is the Watermelon Mode. In this mode, you are requested to merge many fruits. However, you should remember that only two identical fruits that hit each other can be combined. After they are merged, a new and bigger fruit will be created. Note that you can push the fruits to the left or right after they fall into the glass container. However, you are allowed to push the fruits five times. Therefore, just push them when necessary.

Star Mode

The second mode is Star Mode. In fact, the gameplay of this mode is really similar to the Watermelon Mode. However, the fruits are redesigned. All fruits in this mode have a star shape. If you choose two identical stars, you can get a bigger star.

Cat Mode

The third mode in this game is the Cat Mode in which you are required to combine identical cats instead of fruits. You need to control two cats of the same type and size to hit each other. Then, a bigger cat will be created and you will get many points.

In general, no matter which game mode you choose, your ultimate goal is to gain the highest score.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to drop the fruits.

Adventure Mode in Suika Game

The gameplay of this game is different from the above modes. This game mode features two sub-modes including Puzzle Levels and Draw Levels.

  • Puzzle Levels: There are a total of 10 puzzle levels. At each level, you must drop the fruit to combine it with an available fruit in the glass container. Keep in mind that you are offered a certain number of fruits. If you cannot merge two identical fruits before you run out of fruits, you will lose.
  • Draw Levels: You must complete a total of 10 draw levels. In this level, you have to draw lines to make two available fruits hit each other and merge.