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The rules of Poppy Playtime

Welcome to Poppy Playtime which is a scary horror game with addictive gameplay. Try to find a black VHS tape to unlock the exit door and leave the toy factory.

Get out of the factory

Like Rainbow Friends, this game also takes you to a factory. Your goal is to escape from it as soon as possible. The first stop on your journey is a dimly lit storage room. Within its confines, you discover a GrabPack, a versatile tool that will aid you in your quest. Furthermore, you stumble upon another VHS tape, adding to the mystery that envelops the premises. With these newfound resources in hand, you venture forth, ready to unlock the secrets hidden within the labyrinthine corridors of the toy factory. As you traverse the factory's abandoned halls and rooms, a sense of unease lingers in the air. Your mission, clear and urgent, compels you to search for essential items to aid your escape. Water bottles and flowers become precious commodities, offering solace and respite amidst the eerie surroundings. The GrabPack, with its myriad functions, proves indispensable, activating sensors and unlocking doors that guard the factory's secrets.

Within the depths of the factory, you stumble upon the Warehouse, a vast expanse filled with forgotten treasures. To progress further, you must uncover four power cells, each a vital cog in the machinery of your escape. These energy sources will activate a dormant crane, granting you access to hidden areas and crucial clues. With each power cell collected, anticipation and apprehension intertwine, heightening the thrill of the journey.

The Black VHS Tape and the Final Door

As your exploration reaches its climax, your path leads you to metal gratings concealing the elusive black VHS tape. Its significance becomes apparent as you employ it to unlock the final door, the gateway to the ultimate revelation. With each step closer to your goal, the tension rises, and the haunting echoes of the factory's past become more palpable. The factory's abandoned corridors are not devoid of life. Strange creatures, once beloved toys now twisted and menacing, lurk in the shadows, threatening to impede your progress. Their sudden appearances and relentless pursuit inject a sense of urgency into your mission. To survive, you must rely on your instincts, running with all your might to evade their clutches and protect yourself from harm.

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Use the WASD keys to move around.

Click the left mouse button to use the item.

Use the spacebar to skip the dialogue.

Use a Shift key to sprint.

Notable monsters in Poppy Playtime

  • Poppy: Poppy is the main antagonist of the game and the leader of the animatronic dolls. She is a large, smiling doll with glowing eyes and a playful appearance. Poppy is relentless in her pursuit of the player and serves as a constant source of tension and fear.
  • Huggy Wuggy: Huggy Wuggy is a hulking, bear-like animatronic doll with long arms and a wide, toothy grin. He is often found lurking in the shadows, waiting to grab unsuspecting players. Huggy Wuggy's presence adds an element of surprise and danger to the gameplay.
  • Snoodle: Mr. Snoodle is a tall, thin, and skeletal animatronic doll. He moves silently and can be seen floating in the air. Mr. Snoodle's appearance is eerie and chilling, and encountering him creates a sense of unease and vulnerability.
  • Blake: Blake is a smaller, clown-like animatronic doll with a jester hat and a mischievous grin. He is known for his quick movements and ability to hide in unexpected places. Blake's unpredictability adds an element of surprise and unpredictability to the gameplay.