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The playing instruction for beating The Backrooms

Play The Backrooms which immerses you in a haunting and enigmatic maze. Find a way to stay away from an unknown creature and leave the maze soon.

Escape from the maze

When you wake up, you will realize that you are stuck in a maze. Firstly, you should carefully observe and study the environment. Take note of the layout, landmarks, and distinct features of the maze-like corridors. By familiarizing yourself with the surroundings, you can create mental maps and navigate more efficiently, reducing the risk of getting lost or retracing your steps. Next, you need to identify potential paths and routes toward the exit, considering factors such as dead ends, blocked passages, or areas with high monster activity. By mapping out alternative routes and backup plans, you can adapt to unexpected obstacles and increase your chances of finding the way out. Note that you should keep an eye out for essential items, such as keys, tools, or objects that may unlock new areas or provide advantages. Manage your resources wisely, using them strategically to overcome obstacles or unlock previously inaccessible paths. Additionally, conserve your stamina and energy, utilizing them efficiently to navigate the maze effectively. Your goal is to find the exit door which is hidden on any wall in the maze.

Watch out for unknown creatures

While escaping from the maze, you should take caution with an unknown creature. It roams around the maze and attacks you. Here are some tips that help you realize the emergence of this unknown creature.

  • Keep an eye out for visual anomalies or disturbances in the environment. This could include flickering lights, unusual shadows, or objects that are out of place. These visual cues may indicate the presence or recent activity of a monster nearby.
  • Listen carefully for specific sounds that might indicate the proximity of a monster. This could include growls, whispers, footsteps, or other eerie noises. Pay attention to changes in volume, direction, or intensity of these sounds to help determine the monster's location.
  • Look for physical traces left behind by the monster. This could include footprints, claw marks, or other signs of its presence. Following these traces might lead you closer to the monster or provide insight into its behavior.


Use the WASD keys to move around the maze.

Hold the W+Shift keys to run fast to escape.

Use the mouse to control the camera view to look around.

The differences between game modes in The Backrooms

Like Rainbow Friends, this game also allows you to select between many game modes.

Classic Mode

In the Classic Mode of this game, you find yourself trapped in a nightmarish maze, desperately seeking an escape. With a mere 4 minutes on the clock, every second counts. The choice of difficulty level adds an extra layer of suspense, determining when the lurking monsters will strike. The Easy level provides a brief respite, while the Medium and Hard levels keep you on your toes at all times. The ultimate challenge lies in the Backroom level, where survival becomes a true test of skill and nerves.

Deaf Mode

In Deaf Mode, this game takes an intriguing twist, challenging you to rely solely on your hearing to navigate the maze and detect the presence of hidden monsters. With a generous 10-minute time limit, you have more opportunity to strategize and explore. Following unchanging paths becomes crucial, serving as a lifeline amidst the labyrinthine corridors. As you strain your senses, every subtle noise becomes a potential threat, adding a layer of tension and suspense to the gameplay.

Free Mode

For those seeking a more relaxed experience, Free Mode offers an escape from the heart-pounding challenges of the other modes. With no levels of difficulty or time constraints, you can leisurely explore the depths of this game. The absence of monsters creates a safe haven, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the eerie ambiance. This mode offers an opportunity to appreciate the intricate details of the maze, uncover hidden secrets, and lose oneself in the unsettling beauty of the surroundings.