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The general information about Endacopia

Endacopia is a thrilling point-and-click game featuring some horror elements. Find a way to help the boy escape from the house while dodging dangers.

Addictive gameplay

The game begins with Mellow trapped in the bedroom of the house. Players must interact with various items in the room to find the exit portal. One strategy is to have Mellow sit on the chair and swing three times, allowing access to the ventilation pipe. Navigating through the pipe leads to the kitchen, where a yellow giant monster wielding a basketball bat roams. Quick thinking and hiding in the closet are necessary to avoid detection. Once the monster leaves, players can return to the bedroom and gather information from talking objects like the picture and the clock. Clues can also be found on the computer. Exiting the bedroom reveals a hidden room, where players must communicate with a robot to acquire a password. The final objective is to reach the bathroom and interact with the toilet, entering the correct password obtained earlier. Successful entry leads to a meeting with a guardian angel.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to move around.

Use the left mouse button to do actions.

Use the right mouse button to change the action.

All characters in Endacopia

Besides Mellow who is the protagonist, this game also features many characters who encounter Mellow. This is similar to Rainbow Friends. Here are three dominant characters I want to mention in this essay.


The first character is Henry who looks like a lizard. Its skin is yellow. Henry holds his bat and roams around the house to find Mellow. If he sees Mellow, he will use his bat to hit. This monster initially appears when Mellow is in the kitchen. When Henry is about to enter the kitchen, you should control Mellow to hide in the cupboard. Then, Mellow will enter the kitchen and turn on the light. This monster will go around and ask you about the position of Mellow. At this time, you should click on an empty cupboard to fool Henry. Finally, Henry will leave the kitchen.


The next character in this game is Clockey who is considered to be the second boss in the house. This is a sentient humanoid clock. Its body is blue and its base is red. You can find Clockey on the wall in Mellow's bedroom. This character will hit you three times and finally laugh at you. Your mission is to attack this humanoid clock again until Clockey dies.


The final character I want to introduce is Tip. Actually, he is a sign-board with circle eyes and a W-shaped mouth. You should find him in the hall. As his name suggests, Tip really likes giving some useful tips that assist you in defeating bosses or getting clues. You will need him during the adventure.