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Wounded Summer Baby Edition

The story behind the game

Wounded Summer Baby Edition is an exhilarating action game featuring realistic 3D graphics. Help the baby hunt for animals and take revenge for his tribe.

Like Rainbow Friends, this game also has an interesting story that includes two parts.

The hunt for animals

Tecumseh is a baby from the Red Cloud tribe. According to the custom of this tribe, a newborn baby who has reached nine months should go to the forest alone and do their first hunt. Recently, white people have come to the land of the Red Cloud tribe and found minerals here. The head of the Whites has offered to buy the land, but the chief of the Red Cloud tribe does not accept. Tecumseh goes on his first hunt in the woods. He must prove that he is a baby and can hunt alone.

The revenge plan

However, after the hunt, he returned to his tribe and found that all the people of this tribe were attacked. He asked a dying soldier why his tribe was attacked. The soldiers of the wolf tribe said that they were the chosen people of the gods, and in their ancient religious book, it is said that these lands belonged to the wolf tribe thousands of years ago. Then, Tecumseh goes to the surviving woman and asks her about the rest of the tribe and her sister. The old woman answers that the girls of the tribe were taken to the wolf tribe's land by their soldiers. Then, the woman gives him the address of the wolf tribe that passes through the ruins.

After that, the boy runs to the land of the wolf tribe to take revenge. After defeating the wolf chief, he frees the imprisoned girls, but his sister is not among them. The girls tell him that his sister was taken away by the white men who are the accomplices of the wolf tribe. The Whites gave the weapons to the wolf tribe and asked them for our land in return.

Therefore, Tecumseh runs to the village of the Whites to take revenge and save his sister. After defeating all the white guys in the village, he frees his sister. Finally, they can return to their land and live happily together.

The gameplay of Wounded Summer Baby Edition

The fight

In this game, you will transform into a baby named Tecumseh. At the start of the game, you will enter the forest to hunt for animals to prove your ability. You must run around to find animals and use your arrows and bow to shoot down them. After eliminating the required animals, you will return to your tribe's land and fight against the soldiers of the wolf tribe. Be careful because these soldiers are more powerful. At the end of the game, you must join the fight against the white men who are equipped with guns. You must shoot at them while running to avoid the bullets. Do your best to take down all enemies and rescue your sister.

How to control

Press the WASD keys to guide the baby boy to run around.

Press the spacebar to control the boy to jump.

Hold the Shift + W key to run faster.

Click the left mouse button to shoot the arrows at the enemies.