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Magic Cat Academy

The gameplay of Magic Cat Academy

Let's join a battle between ghosts and a magic cat student in Magic Cat Academy. Draw different lines to make magic to defeat as many ghosts as possible.

The fight

This game allows you to transform into a little cat named Momo who studies in a magic school. One day, when you are reading a book about magic, a ghost boss appears and destroys everything in the school. The ghost boss and his ghost army attack many magic students in the school. This is a chance for the cat to practice what you learned. You must run around the school to find ghosts and battle with them. To use the magic, you must draw different lines. Pay attention to the lines on the heads of the ghosts. You must draw the lines like them to eliminate ghosts. Note that some ghosts are really strong. If you want to take down them, you must continuously draw many lines. Besides, you should not let any ghost approach you. If you are attacked by any ghost, you will lose one heart. Remember that you have only 5 hearts in this fight. You must protect yourself from the ghosts and survive until the fight ends. After completing the fight in this game, I invite you to play Rainbow Friends to take part in an exciting adventure.

Kinds of ghosts

There are many types of ghosts you must fight against.

  • Normal ghosts: At the start of the fight, your opponents will be these normal ghosts. They are really crowded, but it is easy to eliminate them.
  • Boss Ghost: You meet Boss Ghost at the start of the game. Then, Boss Ghost reappears at the final level. He is able to summon normal ghosts.
  • Vampire Squid: This ghost appears at the end of the fight. It is more powerful and will rush toward you. You must use magic to defeat this ghost.
  • Librarian Ghost: This ghost emerges at the final of the battle at the library. The ghost wears wonky blue glasses.
  • Cauldron Ghost: You will meet this ghost when entering the potion classroom. This ghost will appear after all normal ghosts are defeated. It tries to splash hot white liquid at you. Therefore, you should be quick to draw lines to use magic to make the ghost hurt.
  • Coach Ghost: You must encounter the Coach Ghost in the training ground. You must make his fake muscles fall off before defeating him.
  • Immortal Jellyfish: If you want to take down the immortal jellyfish, you need to use electrical magic.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to draw different lines.

All levels in Magic Cat Academy

Like Plants Vs Zombies, this game also features many levels. This game offers five levels taking place in different locations. You will go to the library of the school, a cafeteria, a classroom, a gym, and on the roof to join the fights. Note that in each fight, you must encounter a distinct boss. After winning 5 levels in this game, you will enter a breathtaking fight against Boss Ghost. Do your best to defeat this final boss and become an excellent magic student in the magic school.