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The Man From The Window

Mechanics of The Man From The Window

The Man From The Window is a frightening horror game created by Zed Technician. You must stay home alone without being kidnapped by the monsters.

This game sets the stage for a thrilling experience as you find yourself trapped within a mysterious house. The horrifying fact that awaits you is the presence of a dangerous creature known as The Man Window. The primary mission of you is to find a way out of the house without falling victim to the monster's attacks. To achieve this, you must embark on an exploration of the house, uncovering keys, solving intricate puzzles, and confronting a series of spine-chilling situations. The game offers a captivating and immersive experience with three alternate endings, providing you with the agency to shape your destiny. Each decision made by the player influences the outcome, adding a layer of suspense and replay value. Additionally, you are armed with a small train equipped with machine guns, which serve as a tool to confront and destroy the menacing monsters you encounter throughout the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to play the game.

All Characters in The Man From The Window

Like Poppy Playtime, this game introduces you to a cast of compelling characters who play pivotal roles in the game's narrative. Understanding these characters is crucial to progressing through the game and ensuring the safety of the protagonist, and Mama Rabbit's, loved ones.

The Man

The Man serves as the primary antagonist in the game. A mysterious and terrifying creature, he preys on fans of his books, kidnapping you within minutes of reading his work. The Man Window poses a constant threat, instilling a sense of fear and urgency in you as you strive to outsmart and evade his clutches.

Mama Rabbit

Mama Rabbit, a retired grandmother, takes center stage as the main character in this game. You assume control of Mama Rabbit, guiding her through the perilous house in search of missing book pages while concurrently protecting her niece, Audrey, from The Man. Mama Rabbit's resilience and resourcefulness are put to the test as she must navigate the treacherous environment and make critical decisions to ensure her survival and that of her loved ones.


Junior, Mama Rabbit's son, plays a significant role in the game, albeit remotely. Working for a shipping company, Junior maintains constant communication with Mama Rabbit, providing guidance and support throughout her journey. His memories and insights prove invaluable in unraveling the mysteries surrounding The Man and assisting Mama Rabbit in her quest for escape.


Audrey, Mama Rabbit's niece and Junior's mother, becomes the primary target of The Man. You must protect Audrey by finding suitable hiding places while simultaneously searching for a means of ensuring her safety. The emotional connection between Mama Rabbit and Audrey adds depth to the narrative, heightening the stakes and intensifying your determination to overcome the challenges you face.