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The guideline for playing Duck Hunt

Let's show off your shooting skills by playing Duck Hunt now. Choose your favorite game mode and join the hunt for flying ducks to get the highest score.

Murder ducks

Like Rainbow Friends, this game also features many game modes. At the start of the game, you should select between three game modes which are Duck, 2 Duck, and Clay Pigeon Shooting, What are the differences between these game modes? The answer is the playing rules of these game modes. You should play this game to explore these differences.

The gameplay is deceptively simple but engaging. Ducks appear on the screen one at a time, flying across in various patterns and speeds. You must quickly aim and shoot at the ducks by pointing the NES Zapper at the screen and pulling the trigger. Accuracy and timing are crucial to successfully hit the ducks. Your faithful canine companion who is a dog retrieves the fallen ducks and adds charm to the game. However, the dog also playfully teases you when you miss, creating a love-hate relationship with its humorous antics.

How to control

Use an Enter to start to play.

Use the left mouse button to shoot at the duck.

Get high scores

In this game, the scoring system is relatively straightforward. Each duck you successfully shoot down during gameplay earns you a certain number of points based on its value. Here's a breakdown of the scoring system in the game:

  • Blue Duck: The blue duck is the most common type and appears closest to you. Shooting down a blue duck awards you 100 points.
  • Red Duck: The red duck is worth more points than the blue duck. It appears farther away from you and requires more accuracy to hit. Shooting down a red duck earns you 200 points.
  • Clay Pigeon: At certain points in the game, clay pigeons may appear instead of ducks. These clay targets fly across the screen in a straight line. Shooting down a clay pigeon awards you 800 points.

Some effective tips to beat Duck Hunt

  • Steady your aim: Maintaining a steady hand is crucial in this game. Take your time to aim accurately at the ducks before pulling the trigger. Rushing your shots may result in missed opportunities.
  • Anticipate duck movement: Pay close attention to the flight patterns and speeds of the ducks. With practice, you can learn to anticipate their movements, allowing you to position your aim ahead of time and increase your chances of hitting them.
  • Shoot in front of the ducks: Ducks in Duck Hunt continue moving even after you shoot at them. To compensate for this, aim slightly in front of the ducks' current position to ensure your shots connect.
  • Use the sound cues: Pay attention to the audio cues provided by the game. The sound of the ducks flapping their wings can give you a hint about their presence or approach. Use this audio feedback to react quickly and take your shots.
  • Practice timing and reaction speed: This game is as much about timing and quick reflexes as it is about accuracy. Regular practice will improve your reaction time, allowing you to react swiftly when the ducks appear on the screen.