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Freddy's Bomb

The description of Freddy's Bomb

Join the survival game named Freddy's Bomb now. You must use bombs to unlock your way, collect gold coins, and watch out for three animatronics in the arena.

Place bombs

If you are looking for action games like Plants Vs Zombies, this game is a perfect choice. At the start of the game, you receive a phone call. You are told to be hired to be a night guard in Freddy's Park. No one wants this job because they think that it is too boring. However, you are really suitable for it. Because the boss will leave the park for five days, you must protect the park until the boss returns. Every night, you must go on patrol in different places such as the parking lot, the dining hall, and so on. Your way will be blocked by obstacles. Therefore, you must use the bombs to destroy these obstacles. After placing a bomb, you should run away as fast as possible before the bomb explodes. If you stand near the bomb, you will get hurt and the game is over. Another mission in this game is to collect coins in the park. Besides coins, you can pick up keys and power-ups such as shoes, minelands, stun guns, flamethrowers, and so on. These power-ups will help you win the levels in the game more easily.

Animatronics in the game

Like Help Wanted, the bosses in this game are also animatronics. At the start of the game, you are warned about the suspicious behaviors of the animatronics at night. Specifically, at night, the animatronics will roam around the park. They include Freddy, Foxy, and Chica. When you see them, you must turn around and go in the opposite direction. Attempt to stay away from these animatronics if you do not want to die soon. Don't worry because these animatronics will not actively chase you.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to move the character.

Press the spacebar to use bombs and weapons

All achievements in Freddy's Bomb

  • Died 5 times.
  • Died 10 times.
  • Bought all female clothes. Bought all male clothes and hair.
  • Bought all female face expressions.
  • Bought all weapons.\Bought all male expressions.
  • Get 1000 coins.
  • Got 7500 coins.
  • Got 15 coins.
  • Upgraded bomb slot to max.
  • Upgraded flamethrower slot to max.
  • Upgraded life slot to max.
  • Upgraded stun gun slot to max.
  • Upgraded land mine slot to max.
  • Upgraded shoe slot to max.