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Simple Mechanics of Space Bricks

Challenge your quick reflex by playing Space Bricks. Control the platform to bounce the ball which can destroy many bricks at the top of the screen.

Inspired by a famous game called Arkanoid, this game has a similar gameplay. In this game, you need to move a platform to the left or right to bounce the ball. Try not to let the ball disappear from the screen if you do not want to lose the game soon. After the ball bounces on the platform, it will fly up and hit the bricks at the top of the screen. The bricks will be destroyed after hitting the ball. Your objective is to destroy as many bricks as possible to earn the highest possible score because this game has no level.

Although featuring the same gameplay, this game still has a distinct feature. For example, its theme is space. This will make you feel as if you are traveling to the universe. Additionally, the visuals of this game are more colorful and brighter than the original version. Play this game now and remember to check out another awesome puzzle game called 99 Balls 3D on our website.

How to control: Hold the left mouse button to guide the platform to move to the left or right.

All power-ups in Space Bricks

The bricks hide many power-ups. After they are eliminated, the power-ups will drop. You must guide the platform to collect them. The Ball power-up will help to raise the number of your balls. However, you should be careful when controlling many balls. Guiding many balls at the same time will challenge your quick reflexes and fingers. Another power-up is Accurate. It helps to aim more accurately to destroy more bricks in the playing field.