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Addictive gameplay of 99 Balls 3D

Take a look at 99 Balls 3D which is a captivating shooting game. Shoot the balls at the circles on the playing field to destroy them and earn the highest score.

Destroy circles

In this game, your target is the circles on the playing field. These circles are numbered. You must shoot your balls at these circles to remove them from the playing field. Whenever a ball touches the circle, the number on this circle will be reduced by 1. If the number reaches 0, this circle will be cleared. You will be rewarded with many points after eliminating a circle. Note that the circles will continuously appear at the bottom of the screen. If you let them touch the line at the top of the screen, you will lose the game. Therefore, you should prioritize destroying the nearby circles. Moreover, try to aim accurately before launching the ball. Make sure that you can destroy at least one circle whenever you launch your balls.

Collect balls and stars

Another mission in this game is to collect the balls and stars. If you want to collect more balls, you should shoot your balls at the balls on the playing field. Remember that increasing the number of your balls will help you eliminate the circles with a high number. In addition, you should aim at the stars because they can be used to unlock new balls in the shop.


Hold the left mouse button to aim accurately.

Release the left mouse button to shoot the balls.

Various balls in 99 Balls 3D

The shop in this game sells 9 types of balls such as a football, a tennis ball, a lemon, a spiky ball, a strawberry, an orange, and so on. You should accumulate as many stars as possible and use them to unlock all the balls in the shop. After unlocking them, you can choose your favorite ball to play this game. If you enjoy this game and want to find more interesting games like that, you can check out Jacksmith which is an addictive game.