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It Was All For Tuna

About It Was All For Tuna

It Was All For Tuna is an entertaining fishing game with addictive gameplay. You have to catch as many tunas as possible and upgrade your boat and islands.

Your objective

Welcome to Tekiotuna which is a beautiful island. Recently, all islanders are running out of food. As a cat living on this island, you need to catch tunas in the ocean. Let's ride your boat to go around the ocean to find tunas. After seeing the tunas, you must release your fishing hook to catch them. After they are hooked, you must reel them in by moving your mouse behind your boat. Find the right angle to reel faster. Note that you should go further and try to catch the big tuna fish because they are more valuable. In particular, the most valuable fish is the yellow tuna fish. In addition, the radar at the bottom right of the screen shows the positions of tunas and your island. You must catch as many tunas as possible and return to your island. Then, you must upgrade your island and boat. After the house is upgraded, it becomes larger. Moreover, the boat is upgraded, it is faster and you can catch bigger tunas. Do your best to become the best fisher and help your islanders have a full life. You can check out Magic Cat Academy which is an entertaining game on our website

How to control

Click the left mouse button to move your boat.

Hold the left mouse button to catch the tunas in the ocean.

Release the left mouse button to stop fishing.

Developer and platform

This game was created by Cosmic Adventure Squad who is a famous gaming developer. This is a new game because it was released in 2023. Because this is an HTML game, you can play it on the web browser on both PC and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile devices. This is fairly similar to Gourdlets.