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The relaxing gameplay of Gourdlets

Let's build a small island in Gourdlets now. Place different kinds of blocks to extend the island, build houses, and grow plants and flowers on this island.

A peaceful life

This game will take you to an island of cute beans. At the start of the game, the island is very small and there is one bean living on this island. However, every day, a bus will arrive and a new bean will come to the island. Therefore, the population of the island will increase day by day. Therefore, it's time to extend this island. You must place different tiles of blocks to extend the area of the island. Remember that you are not allowed to remove the blocks. Therefore, you should think carefully before placing any block. In addition, do not forget to build houses for the Bean residents. After that, to distinguish the houses, you can build many barriers. You can decorate the island by growing many plants or flowers. Note that everything in this game is free, so you can free your creativity to build your dream island. After completing your mission in this game, you should check out Magic Cat Academy now.


Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control the camera to look around.

Use the 1 or 2 keys to zoom in or out.

Click the left mouse button to place blocks, build houses, and grow plants.

Press a TAB key to rotate.

Developer and platform

This city-building sandbox game was developed by AuntyGames. This game can be played on both PC and mobile devices, so it is possible to say that this is a perfect tool for you to show off your imagination and creativity. This game attracted many players because of its stunning art style and cheerful music. When playing this game, you will have a feeling of entering a cozy world of adorable beans. In a nutshell, this game is a perfect choice for all players of all ages who want to enjoy interesting games like Comfy Farm.