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Your main goal in Heart Collect

Heart Collect is a thrilling adventure game featuring awesome 3D visuals and a first-person perspective. Run around the tower to find and gather hearts.

This game will take you to a tower in which you are required to find the hearts. Do not worry because the hearts are scattered around the tower. Therefore, you can easily find and collect the hearts. However, some hearts are located in dangerous places. If you want to collect these hearts, you should be careful because you can fall out of the tower easily. Note the progress will be reset after you fall out of the tower. It means that you must restart your adventure and find all your hearts again. Therefore, you had better try to stay safe during the adventure. In addition, the structure of the tower is fairly special because it has many flying platforms. If you want to reach these platforms, you need to find and step on blue springboards in the tower. Your adventure will end after all hearts in the tower are gathered.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to run around the tower.

Press the spacebar to jump to reach another platform.

Impressive features of Heart Collect

The first appealing feature of this game is the first-person perspective. This perspective allows you to have a sense of being directly involved in the game's adventure. This will bring you the most immersive and engaging playing experience. Furthermore, like Wounded Summer Baby Edition, this game also features 3D visuals. Therefore, when playing this game, you feel more connected to the game world. 3D graphics provide depth perception, enabling you to perceive distance and space within the game environment. This enhances gameplay mechanics such as platforming and exploring vast landscapes. It adds a layer of complexity and strategic thinking to gameplay.