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Explore the world in Fancy Pants 3

Continue your journey in Fancy Pants 3 which is the third edition of the Fancy Pants series. Run to the Royal Tub to save your little sister from pirates.

Your adventure

After completing the adventure in Fancy Pants 2, the Pant Man returns to his home and sleeps. While he is sleeping, the Mayor appears and wakes him up. He says that the King's Royal was invaded by Angry Bathtub pirates and kidnapped Cutie Pants Girl who is his little sister. Therefore, he needs to be quick to run to the Royal Tub to save his sister and defeat the pirates.

When playing this game, you will transform into the Pant Man who will start his new adventure. As you know, your destination is the Royal Tub. You must run as fast as possible and jump over many dangers to reach this destination. During the adventure, you also need to squiggle to lengthen your life. Additionally, in this new version, you can see yellow and big stars along the way. These stars are collectible items and each level has only three stars. You should pick them up while running to your destination. Finally, you should not ignore any bottles along the way because they are messages from Cutie Pants Girl.


One more new feature in this game is microtrial. At each level, you need to join a mini-challenge. To activate this challenge, you need to jump on the microtrial spring. In this challenge, you are required to gather all yellow and big squiggles. Attempt to win this challenge to gain an extra life. Note that the higher the level is, the harder the microtrial challenge is. Therefore, you should master all the skills before participating in the mini-challenges.

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How to control

Use a S key to guide the fancy man to jump.

Use an up key to enter the doors on the playing field.

Use a down arrow key to guide the man to duck.

Hold a down arrow key and a right arrow key to move while ducking.

Use left-right arrow keys to guide the man to run to the left or right.