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Your adventure in Dadish 2

Dadish 2 is the second installment of the Dadish series which features a new journey. Let's help the radish daddy find his kids in his office.

Finding your kids

The kids of the radish daddy secretly come to his office to play. Now, they are getting lost. Therefore, the radish daddy has to stop working and find his kids now. When playing this game, you will transform into the radish daddy and this new journey. You have to run and find the keys to unlock the doors. Moreover, do not forget to collect the star before finding your kids. Note that your office is full of dangers such as buzzsaws, spiky balls, spike traps, scrolling donuts, fire cannons, and so on. If you hit them, you must restart your journey. Therefore, try to jump as high as possible in time to avoid colliding with these hazards in your office. Let's utilize all objects in your office to dodge the obstacles more easily. Try your best to find all your kids and go home.

This game offers a total of five worlds and 50 levels. These worlds are Enviga Corp, Herbejo Meadow, Koto Swamp, Fantomo Temple, and Soleca Station. Each world will feature a distinct map and boss.

Encountering various rivals

Like Wounded Summer Baby Edition, this game also challenges you to confront many enemies. You should not try to defeat them. Instead, you need to find a way to evade them. Here is the list of rivals you must take caution with.

  • Burgurgular: You will meet this boss in the second level. He simply walks back and forth and does not actively attack you.
  • Maureen: This boss is a giant ice cream and is able to create many heart balloons. You can jump on these heart balloons to reach a higher place to find the key.
  • Churgurnular: This boss appears at Level 40. You should be careful with his chicken legs when encountering this boss.
  • The Foreman: You will encounter this boss at Level 20 in the second world. You should watch out for his mustard launched from his Mustard machine.
  • Space Durnak: This is the final boss at the final level in this game. He is able to toss many tiny fish to attack, so you must jump high to dodge them.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to control your character to move to the left or right.

Press the spacebar to start the game and jump over various obstacles and enemies.