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Your exciting journey in Fancy Pants 1

Let's explore wonderful lands in Fancy Pants 1 now. This first version requires you to travel to three lands and collect as many squiggles as possible.

Three levels

This game is the prequel to Fancy Pants 2. This first edition has fewer levels than the other ones. Moreover, there is no story behind this game. You just need to embark on exciting adventures when transforming into a fancy guy. In each level, you will visit a distinct land and collect as many squiggles as possible.

  • Level 1: In the first level, you need to traverse a rocky area. You must jump as high as possible to overcome big rocks and high mountains.
  • Level 2: In the second level, your adventure will take place on the mountain. Moreover, this level has three secret rooms in which you can collect the trophies.
  • Level 3: In the final level, you will join the adventure in the forest. This forest hides many weird creatures, so you should watch out for them.

Various opponents

While traveling to wonderful lands, you will encounter many rivals. Here is the list of dangerous enemies in this game.

  • Spiders: Like Fancy Pants 3, the spiders also appear in this game. The spiders move from left to right and vice versa. When they see you, they will rush toward you and attack you.
  • Mice: The mice appear in the first and second levels of the game. They are able to use their guns to shoot you down.
  • Dragon Birds: Three dragon birds will appear in the third level. They are able to fly and you need to try to jump on them to eliminate them.
  • Angry Penguin: At the end of Level 3, you will encounter an Angry Penguin who is fairly strong. It will attack you because you wake it up. To defeat the penguin, you should trap it to hit the wall. When the penguin is dizzy, you need to jump on it to take it down.

How to control

If you want to enter the door, use an up arrow key.

To jump over high walls, you need to use a S key.

To move left or right, you need to use the left-right arrow keys

If you want to sit down, use a down arrow key.

You can use the spacebar to pause the game.