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Thrilling gameplay of Sleepless

Sleepless is a frightening horror game featuring simple mechanics. When the monster appears, you should close your eyes to evade its jumpscare.

This is a sleepless night. When you are lying on the bed, you hear a noise. It seems that there is a frightening thing in your bedroom. You should not stand up to explore it. Instead, you should keep lying on the bed, open your eyes, and look around to identify the position of the monster. Do not forget to look at the window or the door of the bedroom. When you see the monster, be quick to close your eyes. You can open your eyes when the monster disappears. Otherwise, if you keep opening your eyes, the monster will jumpscare and kill you. Your objective is to try to stay safe until 3 am.

Developed by OBO, this horror game features the first-person perspective, so you can have the most immersive playing experience. Moreover, you should wear your headphones when playing this game. This will help you to hear the noise of the monster clearly. Finally, I want to suggest other awesome horror games which are Do Not Open and Poppy Playtime.

How to control

Hold the spacebar to close your eyes when the monster appears.

Release the spacebar to open your eyes.

Use the mouse to control the camera view to look around.