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General information about Sans Simulator

Sans Simulator is a challenging action game that features thrilling gameplay. You have to try to survive after multiple attacks of Papyrus in the battle.

The battle

In this game, you will encounter Papyrus who is the brother of Sans. In the battle, you will need to guide your heart to evade his multiple attacks. Here are some dominant attacks of Papyrus.

  • Blue Attack: The blue bones will appear and scroll across the Bullet Board.
  • Small Bones: You should be careful with small bones that appear regularly.
  • Large Bones: Three large bones will emerge after the attack of small bones. After that, a small bone will appear from the right of the screen and rush toward you at a fast speed.
  • Skulls: Six skulls will appear from four sides. The skulls will shoot lasers at you and then disappear.

Choosing monsters

If you choose the Act button, you are allowed to select a monster before starting the battle. Moreover, if you use Act, you can take a rest during the battle instead of fighting until you run out of HP. In addition, you can end the fight peacefully because any monster can be spared.

How to control

Press a Z key to choose.

Press the arrow keys to guide the heart.

All items in Sans Simulator

Before starting the battle, you can choose between four items which are Pie, Steak, L Hero, and SnowPiece. These items are able to raise your stats and help you become more powerful. You should consider their functions before choosing them. Make sure that you make the right choice to win the game. Besides this interesting game, I want to introduce another one called Poppy Playtime.