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Sam Bogart Files Vol 2

Noteworthy information about Sam Bogart Files Vol 2

Sam Bogart Files Vol 2 is the second volume of the Sam Bogart Files series. Transform into Sam and battle with the cat gang to save the two girls.

The story of this game

In the first volume, a girl comes to the office of Sam and asks for help. Her sister is kidnapped by a guy named The Badger. Therefore, Sam and the girl immediately meet the Badger and save her sister. However, unfortunately, while Sam is battling with the Badger, the girl picks up the gun and shoots at him. As a result, the Badger is eliminated. This gets them into big trouble because the Badger was working for a cat gang named Don Cat Alone. Now, Sam and the girl are chased by the whole cat gang. What should they do?

The fight against the cat gang

In this game, you will play as Sam who is a bear detective. You will fight against the cat gang to protect the girl and rescue her sister. This is a challenging task because all members of the cat gang are equipped with knives and guns. Meanwhile, you have no weapon. You must move left or right to evade the attacks of the cat enemies. Another tip is to attack as fast as possible in order for your rivals to have no chance to attack you. Note that you have three hearts, so you should try to survive as long as possible. Moreover, if you lose one or two hearts, you should immediately collect the health boxes dropped from your dead opponents. Do not collect the health boxes when you have full hearts because this will waste the health boxes. When the whole cat gang is taken down, the sister of the girl will be saved.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to guide Sam to move around the streets.

Press a Q key to punch the enemies.

Press an S key for a strong punch.