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Pokemon Dark Rising

The playing rules of Pokemon Dark Rising

Play Pokemon Dark Rising introducing a captivating storyline and challenging battles. Transform into a Pokemon trainer and catch as many monsters as possible.

Exploring the Omuran Region

The adventure begins with a compelling call to action as you assume the role of a protagonist chosen to save the Omuran region from impending doom. The narrative unfolds gradually, compelling you to uncover the secrets surrounding the region and your own destiny. The sense of purpose and urgency propels you forward, igniting your curiosity and setting the stage for an epic quest. As you traverse the Omuran region, you encounter diverse landscapes, from dense forests to towering mountains and bustling cities. Each location is meticulously designed, offering a distinct atmosphere and a range of challenges. Exploring these environments not only unveils hidden treasures, but also presents opportunities to engage with characters, unravel mysteries, and uncover the region's rich history.

Confronting Formidable Trainers and Gym Leaders

This game introduces an expansive roster of Pokemon, spanning multiple generations and including rare and legendary creatures. You have the opportunity to capture and train these elusive Pokemon, building a team of powerful allies. The sense of excitement and achievement that comes with encountering and adding these extraordinary creatures to one's team enhances the adventure and fuels the desire to explore further.

This game presents you with a roster of formidable trainers and Gym Leaders, each possessing unique strategies and powerful teams. Engaging in challenging battles against these adversaries tests your skills and strategic thinking. Overcoming these formidable opponents requires careful planning, type advantage utilization and a well-balanced team. The sense of accomplishment upon defeating these skilled trainers is both gratifying and motivating. Play this game now to join exciting adventures and remember to take a look at Rainbow Friends which is also an interesting game on our website.

How to control

Use a Z key to choose.

Use an X key to return.

Use an arrow key to move around.

All regions in Pokemon Dark Rising

  • Omuran Region: The Omuran Region is the primary setting of the Pokemon Dark Rising series. It serves as the starting point for players, where they begin their journey as a chosen protagonist tasked with saving the region from impending doom. Omuran is a diverse region, featuring a variety of landscapes, from lush forests to rugged mountains and bustling cities. Throughout the series, players uncover the secrets of Omuran and its dark history.
  • Core Region: The Core Region is introduced in Pokemon Dark Rising 2. It serves as a continuation of the storyline from the first game and expands the adventure beyond the Omuran Region. The Core Region presents new challenges, including powerful trainers and Gym Leaders, as players continue their quest to uncover the truth and defeat the forces threatening the world.
  • Eldiw Region: The Eldiw Region is introduced in Pokemon Dark Rising: Order Destroyed. This region presents a post-apocalyptic setting, where players face the consequences of the events in the previous games. The Eldiw Region is a desolate and dangerous place, filled with remnants of a devastated world. Players must navigate through this bleak landscape, encountering new Pokemon and formidable opponents as they strive to restore balance and bring hope to the region.
  • Zenith Region: The Zenith Region is introduced in Pokemon Dark Rising Origins: Worlds Collide. This region serves as a crossover between the Dark Rising series and the Pokemon Vega game. The Zenith Region is a vibrant and technologically advanced area, featuring futuristic cities and cutting-edge facilities. Players explore this region, encountering new Pokemon species and engaging in battles with powerful trainers.