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Impressive things about Pizza Tower

Let's immerse yourselves in a thrilling adventure in Pizza Tower now. Taking down all bosses in the tower and completing all levels is your objective.

Masterful movement and fluid gameplay

One of the standout features of this game is its masterfully crafted movement system. You can guide Peppino through the game's levels with precision and finesse, utilizing a range of acrobatic maneuvers. From wall jumps and climbing sheer cliff faces to executing gravity-defying leaps and bone-crushing belly flops, the game's movement options are both intuitive and exhilarating. The fluidity of Peppino's actions and animations adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the gameplay, making each jump and attack a satisfying experience.

Thrilling combat and unique power-ups

Peppino's combat abilities are a highlight of the game. Armed with a limited yet versatile move set, you can grapple enemies and unleash a range of follow-up attacks. From tossing foes at one another to performing spectacular aerial assaults, the combat animations are a visual treat. The game also introduces various power-ups and modifiers that add exciting twists to the gameplay. These power-ups may grant Peppino new abilities, introduce new characters, or even alter the very fabric of the levels, providing a fresh and unpredictable experience with each playthrough. Join the game to have an exciting adventure. Besides, remember to embark on another journey in Rainbow Friends.


Use the Left-Right Arrow Keys to control the character to run around the tower.

Use a Z key to choose or jump over various dangers.

Hold an X key to activate the skateboard (if you control The Noise) and hit the wall (if you control Peppino).

Use a Down Arrow Key to guide the character to bow down.

Hold the Left or Right Arrow Key and down the Arrow Key to crawl.

Use an Up Arrow Key to enter the door or climb on the stairs.

Reasons you should try playing Pizza Tower

Engaging level design and thoughtful challenges

There are 20 levels in this adventure game. This game's levels are meticulously designed to provide a perfect balance of challenge and enjoyment. Navigating through the tower requires careful thought and strategic planning, as you encounter a variety of obstacles and enemies. The game demands more than just reflexes. This requires you to think critically and adapt your approach to each situation. Whether it's avoiding dead-end barricades or finding the optimal route to progress, this game keeps you engaged with its thoughtfully crafted challenges.

All achievements

  • Frozen nuggets: You must free all the frozen birds in Fridge-Fridge-Freezer to get this achievement.
  • Food Clan: If you can defeat ten ninjas by parrying them in the Oh! level, you must complete this achievement.
  • Already in a hurry: To gain this achievement, you attempt to activate each button only once in Fastfood Saloon.
  • Lumberjack: If you want to unlock this achievement, try to eliminate all wooden blocks in Gnome Forest.
  • Demolition Expert: You must successfully complete the Crust Cove level without getting hit by an explosion to unlock this achievement.
  • Decorated Veteran: Do your best to avoid taking more than three hits in WAR if you want to gain this achievement.
  • Sniper: If you get more than three shots in WAR, attempt to get this achievement.
  • Jump spared: Try your best to avoid fear-induced jumps in the Don't Make A Sound level if you unlock this achievement.