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The rules of Nocti

Welcome to an exciting adventure with a little girl in Nocti? You must explore the Otherworld and try to find the Orbs of Creation in the shortest time.

The prologue

One day, in the dream, a little girl Nocti meets a fairy who asks her to find the Orb of Creation hidden in the Otherworld and reach greatness. This dream makes her worried. After the villagers know her dream, they hold a ceremony. It is said that the big stone in the center of the village is a key to taking people to the Otherworld. Now, Nocti has to stand in front of the stone and touch it to be teleported to the Otherworld.

Your adventure in the Otherworld

In this game, you will transform into Nocti and start your adventure in the Otherworld. Do not forget your mission of collecting the Orbs of Creation. You will see four routes, so choose one of the routes to go. I advise you to follow the left route first to reach the beach. On the beach, you can find the first treasure chest. Then, you can continue to discover other places of the Otherworld such as the Mountain, Railroad, and Forest. During the adventure, you will meet different people living in this world. You need to communicate with them to find the clues of the position of the Orbs of Creation. You had better find a way to reach the temple in which you can collect a Yellow Orb. After the Yellow Orb is collected, you can return to your village.

Actually, this game still has no specific ending. However, the developer promises to update the game in the future in order for you to embark on more exciting adventures. Besides, remember to check out similar games which is Endacopia.

How to control

Press an X key or Enter key to confirm.

Press the arrow keys to guide the girl to move.

Press a 1 key to use the effect.

Hold the Enter key to speed up the text.

Press a 3 key to return to the Home.

Press a Z key to cancel.