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Challenging mechanics of Mr Pogo

Mr Pogo is a difficult running game featuring many levels. Gude a clown riding a pogo stick to jump to the finish line and destroy as many balloons as possible.

Reach the finish line

In this game, you will play as a circus clown who is riding a pogo stick. Your objective is the finish line at the end of the racetrack. Whenever you jump, you should rotate the pogo stick to the left or right. Note that you had better rotate it to the right to run to the finish line. When the pogo stick is about to stop, you should hold the spacebar to pound the ground and jump higher. Try to avoid falling off the pogo stick unless you want to lose soon. Additionally, you also need to jump over high walls and giant leaps safely if you want to get to the finish line. Keep in mind that you have only 5 lives. It means that you can revive 5 times. Running out of lives will lead to the end of the game.

Pop the balloons

While running to the finish line, you will see many colorful balloons. You should jump high and hit these balloons to destroy them. Popping a balloon will help you claim one point. You need to remove as many balloons as possible to gain the highest score at this level. Like Magic Cat Academy, this game also features many interesting levels. The number of balloons and the length of the racetrack will increase as you move to higher levels.

How to control

Press the left or right arrow keys to rotate to the left or right.

Hold the spacebar to pound the ground.

Various outfits and awards in Mr Pogo

If you want to change the appearance of the clown, you can unlock new outfits in the shop. Note that you must pop 25, 50, 75, or even 100 balloons if you want to unlock these outfits. In general, all outfits are really impressive.

Additionally, if you can destroy more balloons and complete many levels, you will get winning cups. There are three winning cups in this game. Can you get all these cups?