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Miscreation: Evolve Your Creature

Engaging gameplay of Miscreation: Evolve Your Creature

Miscreation: Evolve Your Creature is an exciting adventure game that requires you to join an exciting journey. Collect yellow gems to evolve your monster.

Join the adventure

At the start of the game, you will transform into a little blob. You must travel to go around the land called The Grassy Foot to find the DNA yellow gems. They are scattered around the land, so you can pick up them easily. Another way is to fight against other monsters in the land to get these yellow gems. Moreover, eating other monster also help to raise your health. However, you need to be careful when battling with other monsters. If you die, you will return to the goddess statue. While travelling, you also need to take caution with dangers such as rivers, spiky plants, and so on. You had better stay away from them to avoid getting hurt.

In this adventure, your goal is not only go around the Grassy Foot land but also go deeper into the Earth. In the deep places of the Earth, you will encounter more dangerous monsters who can actively attack you. You should jump to evade their attacks and kill them to get more DNA gems.

The evolving progress

In the goddess statue, you can travel to The Safe Garden where you can evolve your monster. At the start, you need to try to evolve your monster into a deer. After that, you can evolve it into a bird, dragon, and so on. Besides, do not forget to evolve its parts such as its wings, horns, tail, head, legs, arms, and mouth. Do your best to help your monster become more powerful.

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Press the left-right keys or A-D keys to guide the monster to move around.

Press the spacebar to control the monster to jump.

Press an up or W key to interact with objects.

Press the Enter key to choose.

Click the left mouse button to attack other monsters.

Click the right mouse button to jump and then attack other monsters.