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Madness: Off-Color

The Story Behind Madness: Off-Color

Welcome to Madness: Off-Color which is a thrilling shooting game. Transform into Pico and take down all enemies in the world of Madness to survive.

Like Magic Cat Academy, this game also allows you to immerse in an exciting story. The story starts when a newspaper reports information about the emergence of the strange portals. Many people said that they saw these portals in their house after waking up. Pico who is a skilled marksman comes to a bar. In the bar, he has to confront gangsters. During the fight, he found an exit window. Therefore, he decides to jump through it to escape from the bar. However, this is a mistake because this exit window is actually a portal. After jumping through this exit window, Pico falls into the world of Madness. In this world, he has to fight against an unlimited number of rivals.

The shooting fight in Madness: Off-Color

Campaign mode

If you choose this mode, you are allowed to join many fights. In each fight, you must battle with many enemies who are equipped with sharp knives or powerful guns. At the start of the game, you are offered a shotgun. You should use it to shoot down your enemies until your gun runs out of bullets. After that, you can pick up the weapons of your rivals to continue your fight. Try to evade the attacks of your rivals to keep your blood-bar full at all times. If you can survive after confronting a wave of enemies, you can move to the next level. In the next battle, the number of rivals will rise, so you must be careful and try to stay alive as long as possible.

How to control

Press the arrow keys to guide the gunner to move around and run.

Press the 1,2,3, and 4 keys to get the weapons.

Click the right mouse button to pick up the weapons.

Click the left mouse button to punch the enemies or shoot at the rivals.

Press the spacebar to defend against the attacks of the enemies.

Press the Shift key to call the enemies.