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The rule of Learn To Fly

Are you ready to Learn To Fly? Transform into a cute penguin whose dream is to fly the furthest distance and complete all achievements in the game.

The prologue

This game is about an adorable penguin living in the Antarctic. This penguin really likes surfing the Internet and learning about his ancestors. One day, when searching for information about penguins on Wikipedia, he finds that the penguins are said to be flightless birds. This sentence makes him angry a lot. He decides to prove that the penguin is able to fly. He gets out of his house and rushes to the hill. We will learn to fly in this place.

Gameplay Mechanics

Your mission in this game is to launch the penguin into the air and guide its flight. You start with a basic setup and limited resources and try to help the penguin fly as far as possible. The further the penguin can fly, the more money you can earn. When having a lot of money, you can purchase upgrades to enhance the penguin's abilities. The game's physics-based mechanics add depth and strategy, requiring you to consider factors like gravity, wind speed, and the penguin's trajectory to optimize flight. Balancing upgrades, experimenting with different strategies, and fine-tuning flight techniques become crucial elements of the gameplay. Come on! Play this exciting game now and do not ignore Bionic Race which is also an interesting adventure game on our website.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to adjust your angle.

Hold the spacebar to activate the rocket boosters.

The store in Learn To Fly

The store in this game plays a crucial role in the progression and customization. In the store, you can purchase a variety of upgrades, items, and power-ups. The upgrades can enhance the penguin's flight capabilities. These upgrades include improved launchers, stronger propulsion systems, aerodynamic accessories, and advanced flight control mechanisms. Each upgrade provides distinct advantages, such as increased speed, higher altitude, longer flight duration, or improved maneuverability. Moreover, you can buy new hats, outfits, and accessories to personalize your penguin and give it a unique style. While customization items do not directly impact gameplay, they add a fun and personal touch to the overall experience, allowing players to express their creativity and individuality.