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Your roles in Hungry Lamu

Hungry Lamu is a thrilling horror game featuring both 2D and 3D graphics. You are tasked with assisting Lamu in finding food and leaving Lamu Forest Park.

Play as Lamu

At the start of the game, you will transform into Lamu. Because you are really hungry, you need to go around the park to find food. You are able to eat cherries, bananas, and even fruit friends. However, when you are about to consume fruit friends, they escape. You need to collect useful items and use them to find fruit friends. They can hide behind a tree, bush, or stone.

Play as a man

After helping Lamu hunt for food, you will move to the next stage of the game. In the second stage, the graphics will be 3D and the theme will be dark. You will transform into a man whose mission is to find your friends. It seems that your friends are murdered in the Lamu Forest Park. Finally, you need to find your car and escape from this park as soon as possible. There is a danger hidden in the park.


Press the arrow keys to control Lamu to move around the park.

Press an E key to use an axe to chop the tree or consume fruit friends.

Press an F key to turn on the flashlight.

Multiple endings in Hungry Lamu

In this game, every decision will affect the ending. There are a total of two endings in the game.

  • Ending 1: If you meet Lamu after finding your car, you will assassinated immediately. The next day, the tragedy in Lamu Forest Park will be posted in the newspaper. This ending is Road Kill.
  • Ending 2: This ending will be unlocked if you destroy the car when you play as Lamu. Then, when you play as a man who finds your car, you cannot escape from the park. When you are angry because of your broken car, Lamu will emerge and kill you. This ending is Full Course Meal.