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Forsake The Rake

Thrilling gameplay of Forsake The Rake

Play Forsake The Rake to find the secret behind the legend about the rake monster in the forest now. Find your weapon and battle with the rake monsters.

You and your friend are on a quest to find the truth about the rake monster. Therefore, you go to the forest to investigate this monster. In the forest, you find a secret underground lab. where many rake monsters live. It seems that they are real. First, let's find your weapon and start your fight against them now. Note that a gun is hidden in your car. Moreover, you can find ammo in an old small house. After that, you need to run around the lab to find the rake monsters. When you see them, you need to shoot down them before they approach and attack you. Keep in mind that their heads are vulnerable, so you should aim at their heads to kill them faster.

This game includes 10 levels which are locked. If you can complete all levels, you can find the secret behind the legend about the rake monsters. Additionally, I want to suggest some awesome horror games on our website. They are Satiety and Poppy Playtime.

How to control

Use the WASD keys or ARROW KEYS to take control of your character to walk around.

Use the left mouse button to attack the monster.

Use the right mouse button to turn on or off the flashlight and aim accurately.

Rotate the mouse wheel to change the weapons on your hands.

Use a G to throw grenades at monsters.

Use the SHIFT+W key to run faster.

Use an F key to interact with objects in the playing field.

Press a CTRL to crouch to evade the attack.

Use the spacebar to jump to dodge the obstacles and the attack.

Press an X key to prone or stand up.