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The playing guideline of Fly Ghost

Fly Ghost is a challenging adventure game that requires your patience and quick reflexes. Take control of the ghost to fly through as many columns as possible.

Choose the ghost

At the start of the game, you need to select your favorite ghosts. There are a total of 3 ghosts in this game. One ghost has a big eye while another one has a fierce face. The rest one has a smiling face. All ghosts are free to choose. Therefore, you can choose your favorite ghost without paying any money.

Start your adventure

After selecting your favorite ghost, you can begin your adventure right now. Because this game is inspired by the famous adventure game named Flappy Bird, their gameplay is fairly similar. In this game, you also need to tap the screen to control the ghost to fly as far as possible. During the journey, you can see many columns. You must guide the ghost to fly through them without touching them. Your score will depend on the number of columns you can fly over. Therefore, you must try to overcome as many columns as possible to gain the highest possible score. This goal sounds simple. However, actually, the further you can go, the more columns you must fly through. Moreover, the distance between columns in the far distance will be shortened. This would be challenging for you. If you do not want to collide with them, you must master the skills and be patient. After finishing the adventure in this game, you should not forget to play Bionic Race to join another journey.

How to control

PC: Click the left mouse button to control the ghost to fly up.

MOBILE: Tap the screen to guide the ghost to fly up.

Effective tips to beat Fly Ghost

Here are some tactics that would improve your chances of winning this game. Read them carefully before starting your adventure with the ghost in this game.

  • Tap gently: Tap the screen gently to make small, controlled movements. Tapping too hard or too frequently can lead to erratic movements, making it difficult to navigate through the columns.
  • Find a rhythm: Try to establish a consistent rhythm by tapping at regular intervals. This will help you get a better sense of timing and make it easier to navigate through the gaps in the columns.
  • Study the patterns: Observe the patterns of the columns as they appear on the screen. They often follow a specific sequence, and understanding these patterns can give you an advantage in anticipating where the gaps will be.
  • Stay in the center: Aim to keep your bird in the center of the screen as much as possible. This will give you more time to react and adjust your movements accordingly