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The car races in Blumgi Rocket

Blumgi Rocket is an awesome racing game featuring colorful visuals. Drive your monster truck to the finish line without falling into the water.

Intense gameplay of the game

If you are interested in racing games like Dynamic Force, you should try playing this game. This game is a new game the Blumgi studio. In this game, you will have a chance to drive your monster truck to join thrilling and unrivaled races. In these races, your destination is the finish line, so do your best to get to it. Note that there is a river under the racetrack. The race will end if your monster truck falls into it. Therefore, you should be careful when driving your car to go through stunt ramps. Note that you can utilize the springboard along the way to help your monster truck fly high to overcome high walls.

One appealing thing about this game is its levels. There are a total of 25 levels that you must win. After you finish a level, your monster truck will be teleported to a higher level by a helicopter.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to keep your monster truck balanced.

Press an up or down arrow key to drive your monster truck to go forward or backward.

Press the spacebar to raise the speed of the monster truck.

Use an R key to reload the level in the game.

All monster trucks in Blumgi Rocket

This game offers a total of 25 monster trucks in the garage. Only 16 monster trucks are available for gameplay while the rest are locked. If you want to unlock these monster trucks, you must complete challenging levels in this game. In general, all monster trucks are impressive and colorful. They are inspired by animals such as a chick, dragon, penguin, snowman, and so on. Although they have different designs, their powers are similar. Let's select your favorite monster truck to join thrilling races in this game now.