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The rules of Bee Connect

Bee Connect is a challenging puzzle game featuring addictive gameplay. Connect four identical bee tiles to create a new one with a higher number.

Connect bee tiles

Actually, the gameplay of this game is fairly similar to Funny Cubes 2048. In this game, you can see a beehive. There are some numbered bee tiles on this bee hive. Your mission is to move these bee tiles to connect four or more tiles of the same number. This helps to create a new bee tile which has a higher number. This number is four times higher than the number on the old tile. Moreover, the score you get will be equal to the number on the new bee tile. In addition, whenever you can merge four or more identical bee tiles, you will get one coin. Your objective is to connect as many bee tiles as possible to gain the highest possible score and earn a lot of coins. Keep in mind that you will lose if the beehive runs out of space.

Utilize power-ups

When you get stuck, do not forget to use four power-ups at the top of the screen. Like Zombie Tsunami, the power-ups in this game also assist you in winning the game. Note that you need to pay coins if you want to use them.

  • Refresh: This power-up costs 10 coins. It helps to change the tiles that are about to appear on the beehive.
  • Remove 1: You must pay 20 coins if you want to use this power-up. It helps to clear any tile on the beehive.
  • Remove 5: The price of this power-up is 35 coins. You can use it to eliminate five random tiles in the playing field.
  • Remove Same Color. This is the most expensive power-up because it costs 75 coins. You can use it to clear all tiles of the same color in the playing fields.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to move the tiles on the beehive.

Tips to in Bee Connect

  • Attempt to place tiles of a high number near each other because these tiles are truly rare.
  • Use the power-ups wisely.
  • Look at the next tiles at the top of the screen before moving the tiles on the beehive.
  • Place the tile near three or more tiles of the same color.