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Your adventure in Astra's Moon

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with a little astronaut in Astra's Moon? Let's discover the Moon and gather as many gold coins as possible.

Explore the Moon

Like Bionic Race, this game also offers an exciting adventure. In this game, you will play as a little bunny who is actually an astronaut. One day, when traversing in the universe, your rocket hit one meteorite. Therefore, it is broken and falls onto the Moon. When landing on the Moon, you have a chance to explore this planet. You will go around the plant to collect as many coins as possible. Moreover, you can collect the hearts which help you live longer. Note that your score will depend on the distance you can go and the number of coins you can collect. Try to gain the highest score in each adventure. Your ultimate objective is to reach the giant slingshot. You will jump onto this slingshot and fly into the sky to enter a new world and start a new journey.

Fight against enemies

During the journey, you will encounter various dangers that want to stop you from reaching the finish line. You must evade them at all costs or battle with them. Here are some dominant enemies you need to watch for.

  • Bees: You will meet these bees in Worlds 1 and 2. They are able to fly and will not actively attack you. Therefore, you can shoot down them easily.
  • Polar bears: These bears appear in World 2. It moves from left or right and vice versa. You can kill these bears with one shot.
  • Monkeys: These monkeys can be found in World 2. They will become crazy and actively attack you if you stand on the same platform with them. You must shoot down these monkeys before they attack you.
  • UFOs: The UFOs emerge in World 3. They fly from up to down and vice versa. You can destroy them easily.
  • Drilling machine: Like the bears, the drilling machines also move on the designated road.

How to control

Press the WASD keys to fly around.

Press the Enter key to pause.

Press a Z key to jump.

Press an X key to shoot.

All worlds in Astra's Moon

This game offers three worlds. You must travel to three worlds in order to collect coins. Note that each world has a distinct danger and feature. For example, World 2 is covered by snow. Meanwhile, World 3 has many star blocks. The enemies in each world are also different. You must utilize your shooting skill and running skills to reach the finish line safely. After completing the adventures in these three lands, you will be taken to the World Moon in which you will meet many similar bunnies. They are waiting for you. After finishing your journey in this game, you should try Rainbow Friends which is an excellent game on our website.